BLOCKWISE Large Twin-Cam™ Balloon Pleating Machine

BLOCKWISE Large Twin-Cam™ Balloon Pleating Machine View Large Image
Large Twin Cam

Blockwise's catheter balloon wrappers offer unmatched accuracy and build quality. Blockwise offer the best solutions for any size, from tiny PTCA to 60mm diameter and 300mm long balloons.

The Blockwise balloon wrapper model VC is a tabletop machine that wraps catheter balloons tightly around a catheter shaft. The machine processes balloons in two steps: pleating and compression.

In the pleating step, performed by the Alpha-Pleat™ or TwinCam™ pleating station, a set of heated dies moves inward toward a low-pressure air-inflated balloon to form the balloon into a number of equal “pleats” or “wings”.

  • Metal or plastic dies
  • Diameter: 0-60mm
  • Length: 124, 186, 248, 310 mm
  • Max radical force: 1450 N

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