BLOCKWISE Model FTXC Wire Fatigue Tester

BLOCKWISE Model FTXC Wire Fatigue Tester View Large Image

This model allows the testing of small diameter wires at high strain values, by reducing the minimum span distance available. Operation is the same as the standard Model FTX.

Wire Diameter RangeSpan RangeSpeed Range
0.1-0.87 mm 9-132 mm 0-10,000 RPM

Wire Fatigue Tester Model FTX is a designed to characterize the fatigue life of small diameter wire using a rotating-beam test. The wire is subjected to a constant-magnitude, pure bending moment while it is rotated at a steady speed. This creates a fully reversed bending stress on the wire. The number of cycles is counted until a failure is detected and the machine stops. Throughout the test the specimen may be submerged in a temperature controlled water bath.

Machine control is executed by a high speed microcontroller and associated digital servo drive controllers. Both ends of the wire are driven by separate servomotors that are synchonized by a phase-locked-loop-type control method that prevents angular position errors, similar to mechanical gearing. The user interface displays the cycle count, test RPM, rotation direction, and the distance between the chucks. Test parameters are easily input using the intuitive menu-driven human interface

When testing wires, the stress depends on the wire diameter, wire material properties, the length of wire between the spindles, and the spacing of the spindles. (We can provide references for calculating test parameters.) Spindle spacing is motor-driven and can be set in seconds by entering the desired distance using the keypad. Unlike competitive machines, there are no belts to readjust when changing the spacing.

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