BLOCKWISE Model LX with Powerfeed™ Compression Station

BLOCKWISE Model LX with Powerfeed™ Compression Station View Large Image


Blockwise’s most capable stent loader. The feeding action of the dies eliminates the problem of friction in the compression mechanism and pushes with the entire length of the stent, instead of just at the back. Excels at loading long length or difficult to load stents. Most commonly it is combined with an automated pushrod system and catheter gripper.

DiameterLengthMax Radial ForceDie Material
0-29 mm 225 mm 1435 N Ertalyte TX or PEEK

Model LX Machine Base

A full-featured radial compression machine used to load self-expanding stents into delivery catheters.
  • Powerful and intuitive interface
  • Optional “Powerfeed" capability that propels stents through the compression station
  • Very flexible "sequence-of-steps" recipe setup

LX loading machines use Blockwise Zero-G radial compression mechanisms, with plastic dies and nearly-zero die-to-die gaps. Like the CX crimping machine, the LX uses and high-end microcontroller-based closed-loop crimping control, with Blockwise’s unique compliance compensation system, resulting in the best diameter and force control available in a plastic-die crimper.

stepper motor opens and closes the compression station. An encoder measures the diameter of the opening. A force transducer measures the actuating force, which is proportional to the radial compression force. 

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