BLOCKWISE PX2 with Trayload Marker Band Loader, Positioner, and Precrimper

BLOCKWISE PX2 with Trayload  Marker Band Loader, Positioner, and Precrimper View Large Image
BLOCKWISE PX2 with Trayload  Marker Band Loader, Positioner, and Precrimper

The Trayloader enables the machine to be run continuously with nearly zero idle time. Combine this with an SGA swager with Trayloader for maximum productivity. Both machines use the same trays and after the PX2 has finished processing the products, the tray can be directly transferred to the SGA for swaging.

The Blockwise PX2 Marker Band Loader is the world's first machine to fully automate loading of marker bands with consistent and reliable positioning and pre-crimping, in preparation for subsequent swaging.

During recipe operation, marker bands are loaded and indexed from an automated hopper, moved precisely into position, and pre-crimped onto the product. The PX2 operates in single product mode or with the optional Tray Loader for higher volume production.

The PX2 is designed to run a wide dimensional variety of products using a custom marker band module designed for your band dimensions to ensure reliable loading and pre-crimping.

Marker band modules are made of certified, heat-treated, and electropolished stainless steel. The modules are interchangeable on the PX2 machine base; switching modules is a tool-less procedure that takes only seconds to complete. Each module is laser marked at our factory with key dimensions and a traceable serial number.

The PX2’s breakthrough band-loading and positioning technology will let you optimize your catheter production in ways not previously possible.

  • Each markerband module is customized for your exact band dimensions. It is crafted to the highest level of precision that Blockwise is well known for. The module is easily and accurately docked into the base without tools.
  • Loading markerbands is easy. Simply dump your bands into the hopper and the machine will automatically separate, align, and place the bands on the catheter.
  • The PX2 uses a specially-designed infrared micrometer to locate the tip of the catheter and to verify that the bands are accurately placed.
  • The optional tray loader automates the process of loading the products into the product feeder by using pre-loaded trays. Trays can be filled with products and loaded into the positioner without stopping. For maximum productivity, couple a PX2 and a SGA swager, both with a tray loader option. After processing on the PX2, the tray can be directly moved to the SGA for swaging.
  • Refined and integrated electrical and pneumatic design gives high-performance and high-reliability at a lower cost, all while being simple to troubleshoot and maintain.
  • A touchscreen HMI (human-machine interface) allows the user to enter settings in “recipes” that specify parameters of the positioning process.  Calibration and recipe 
  • Typical Cycle Time – 2 bands:15 to 20 s
  • Standard Deviation Band-to-Band Distance:.0025″ (.064mm)
  • Allowable Number of Bands: 25
  • Band Diameter Range: .020″ to .120″ (.5 – 3.05  mm)
  • Crimper Die Material: 420 ESR

The PX2 is designed with indefinite longevity and reliability in mind. The machine requires virtually no maintenance. Simple cleanings and wipe downs with IPA are all that are required on a regular basis. The drive belt and rollers can be easily replaced as needed.

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