BLOCKWISE Model NJ with J-Crimp™ Compression Station

BLOCKWISE Model NJ with J-Crimp™ Compression Station View Large Image

The J-Crimp™ has been Blockwise's workhorse compression station for a decade and has proven superior durability. The compression station has extremely low friction and very-small die-to-die gaps. There is no die-to-die wear. The bore is straight, so the compression station needs to be as long as the stent.

DiameterLengthMax Radial ForceDie Material
0-16 mm 62,124 mm ~450 N Hardened Stainless Steel

Model NJ Stent Loading Machine Base

A novel machine for loading self-expanding stents, using a tapered entrance and short dies to move the stents step-by-step
  • Unparalleled precision of opening and die gaps
  • Metal dies for extreme durability
  • No sliding of the stent on the compression mechanism
  • Can load stents of any length

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